Mayfair (Montréal, Canada): Not Just Another Cocktail Affair

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Mayfair (Montréal, Canada)

The first time I went to Mayfair was in my second year of university here in Montréal. My initial thought was that it was a speakeasy but people were dancing so I thought it was just a club because I only went there to dance. However, I have come to learn that it is also a cocktail bar, an alcoholic tea lounge and a restaurant.

Ask anyone who loves cocktails and nightlife in Montréal and they will tell you to go to Mayfair. It is just something that you have to strike off your Montréal bucket list. It has a cool Victorian-era vibe that would be perfect for the modern-day Cinderella.  It even has great music, which most bars lack.

The venue looks completely different in the daylight. It looked less of a speakeasy and more of a place where you could have dinner and light conversations with a significant other or a best friend. We started off the evening with cocktails.

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Nuit D’Eden ($14)

The Nuit D’Eden was something the manager recommended. I loved the fizzyness of the Aperol. This cocktail was refreshing and had hints of nuts and fruits because of the almond syrup and grapefruit flavour.

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Black Dahlia ($14)

The Black Dahlia was light and fruity too. It had hints of fresh apple juice and maple syrup. It looked really pretty as well and it is definitely a cocktail you want to take a picture of and with!

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Saffron Sour ($14)

And last but not least we had the Saffron Sour which had hints of passionfruit. It isn’t like any whiskey sour you’ve ever tasted before.

Then we got cracking on our dinner. We were greeted by a platter of delicious-looking salads. The presentation was amazing.

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Salad Platter

This was a salad platter to try. Not all of them made it to the new menu. Our favourite was unanimous. It was the cauliflower.

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Cauliflower Salad

We loved every bite we had of it – the cauliflower was crunchy and the sweetness of the pomegranate seeds was a perfect combination.

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Salade de Bruxelles / Brussel Salad ($9)

This is our second favourite and it did make it to the menu. This brussel salad had oyster mushrooms and was showered in a generous amount of Parmesan, vinaigrette and topped with a quail egg which we loved.

It had a slight sour taste which really woke your taste buds in time for the main courses.

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Criss-cross Fries
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Sliders au Poulet Croustillant / Fried Chicken Sliders ($11)

After, we had the Sliders au Poulet Croustillant. They were so delicious. The chicken is crispy and although they claim it to be spicy, I didn’t find it spicy at all.

The mayonnaise was light and you could taste the freshness of the vegetable. The criss-cross fries that accompanied it was also warm and crunchy.

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Gravlax de Saumon ($10)

Then, we had a palate cleanser to continue the night. The Salmon Gravlax was beautifully presented but could have been less salty. Nonetheless, the tzatziki softened the saltiness. The yogurt-like texture also added a Greek twist to this Nordic dish.

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Bavette de Boeuf / Beef Flank ($17)

We kept going with the Bavette de Boeuf. This flank beef is cut from the abdominal muscles or lower chest. The meat was marinated with chimichurri sauce  that could have been less salty too but gave a good jalapeño kick. Other than that, the beef was quite tender.

Surprisingly, I found myself more fond of the mashed potatoes. It was buttery and smooth. It certainly made the dish.

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Pâtes Fraîches Maison / House Pasta ($12)

We were a little disappointed with the Gravlax and the Bavette but the House Pasta set Mayfair back on track. The cavatelli was al dente. The mozzarella was excellent. Although this dish won’t remind you of a nonna’s cooking, it is the ultimate modern-day comfort food. Served with bread, the House Pasta is guaranteed to fill your belly up.

That was our last main course and we moved on to dessert.

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Brownie ($9)

The desserts are really pretty and the brownie was no exception. This deconstructed brownie was served with strawberries, basil and some mousse.

Although it looked really pretty, the brownie was not as warm as we hoped. It didn’t stand out as much as we hoped because damn, look at how pretty it is!

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Crémeux aux Argumes / Cream with Fruits ($9)

And finally, we had the Crémeux which was also deconstructed. The random blobs of meringue was delicious. Beet powder that was sprinkled over it was very interesting too. We preferred the Crémeux over the Brownie.

To end the meal we had another round of cocktails!

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Goji Kiss ($14)

The Goji Kiss was a great cocktail to have at the end. It is sweet but calming because of the Chai tea added to it.

And to cap it all off, we had Noble Intentions!

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Noble Intentions ($14)

Noble Intentions was another calming cocktail. The subtle taste of hibiscus and pomegranate was refreshing. We were glad we ended the meal on this note.

Generally, I love the vibe at Mayfair and I’ve been to Mayfair more than one occasion before this collaboration. I would definitely come back for the drinks because it is certainly one of the best bars and probably the only alcoholic Victorian tea lounge in Montréal. I love how English it looks.

As for the food, I’d come back for the pasta or a salad if I am ever getting a drink before 9pm. There is definitely room to improve. The drinks were certainly superior. They are innovative and keeps you excited. Service is also great and friendly. Staff are very alert.



Website | Facebook | Instagram

Expected Wallet Damage: $$$

Contact: 514 647-4005 or reserve online through their website or OpenTable

Opening Hours: Closed on Sundays, Tues – Wed 7PM – 12AM, Thurs – Sat 7PM – 3AM.

Perfect For: Birthdays, Dates, Girls’ Night Out, Saturdays with the Boys, Group Outings, Happy Hour

Where: 451 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, QC H2J 2H2

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