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My name is Nicole and I am 5’2 but you can look up to me.

I am of Malaysian-Singaporean heritage but spent a chunk of my life growing up in British international schools, the UK and spent summers in Australia and Singapore because of my pops and nan respectively. Then I moved to North America for university and moved to Japan for six months in the middle of all that.

I currently live in Vancouver, British Columbia. West coast, best coast 😉

This is a wildflowerlogue of a girl who has found home in eight countries (so far) and still sees the world with eyes full of wonder. Her hobbies include learning languages, surfing, pole dancing and writing everything from personal journals to editorial posts for magazines and food blogs (Seth Lui / the Know Where) since the age of 12. Here’s is a glimpse of her (mis)adventures.

I hope this blog inspires you to get out of your comfort zone and get to know corners of the world and foods that you’ve never seen or tried in YOUR own unique way. Here are my experiences.